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MACE Businesses 2009-2010

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Now that your businesses have made it to their first ‘finish line’ for those of you who would like to continue your business, here are a few competitions you should consider:

Barclay’s is giving away £50,000 to a winning business idea, and they also want videos (your commercials come to mind!)


Get £15,000 from Kickstart here:

Have a look at a few other awards here. And don’t forget to enter your business websites for the Young Enterprise competition, deadline 28 May.

If you know of anything else, please post a comment and share, cheers!

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Citations, help!

Had a few emails this week about citations that I thought you may be wondering about as well…

  • Ten citations from ten sources
  • Citing yourself doesn’t count as one of your ten

If you are stuck, there are over 220 resources to look at on the macekingston delicious feed:

And you can also have a few citations from your other MACE fellow’s blogs! (No more than 3)

Hand in the paper version of your essay to Sophie by closing time tomorrow, to her office.

Please post your reflective essay on your blog by Saturday at midnight (please don’t email me the essays, thanks!). *Please include links to your sources in a way that I can click on the word or citation and jump to the source. If your source isn’t online, link to the book listing on Amazon or the official website of the book. Those who submit their essay on their blogs after Saturday at midnight will receive a 10% deduction for every day it is late.

No more than 3,000 words! Grammar and spelling is important. Be inventive and use your personal voice. Good luck, 26 hours left to go!

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Your Blogs

Hello all,

As the module is drawing to a close, first of all I’d like to say thank you for being the kind of people I dream about teaching. You truly are an amazing class, and I wish you all the best for your next adventures!

I will be continuing to mark your blogs into the summer. I would ask that you continue to keep your blogs open and active until I’m done marking! I will post updates on the blog. You have until 15 May to finish writing your posts!

For those of you who want to keep in touch, LinkedIn is the best route. Thanks again and happy essay writing!

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Friday’s Presentation (IMPORTANT)

What you should bring:

  1. your iFlip camera, battery charger and tripod
  2. your business report of your presentation and your individual contribution statements for each month, printed and emailed to me
  3. your advertisement uploaded to the internet and on your team blog. Maximum 60 seconds long.
  4. your YE financial tax forms (given to you last Friday in class) which you will need to give to the YE representative which has VAT 17.5% tax on what you sold and your corporate tax 10% on your profit
  5. your mentors who will guest judge (is anyone bringing anybody? Friends are welcome to come watch as well.)
  6. your presentation, no longer than 20 slides and 10 minutes max in a pdf format on a usb stick. Please export your powerpoint presentation to this format to avoid technical issues and ensure you don’t lose time to present.


1:00-1:30 Showing of advertisements and guest judge instructions.

1:30-1:50 Passport2 Guides

1:50-2:10 Pika

2:10-2:30 CreativeControl

2:30-2:50 Design Balance

2:50-3:10 Mango Media

3:10-3:30 Temptation

3:30-3:50 Hold the Front Pages

4:10-4:30 Tales Upon Thames

4:30-5:00 general feedback and celebration at the pub!

Any changes to this presentation order must be emailed to me by Thursday at noon.

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Final commercial

I have been busy leaving comments on your blogs about your video commercials. The final showing of these commercials is going to be during your final presentation on 30 April. You are free to make as many versions as you like between now and then and ask for feedback to refine them. But make sure that you are able to focus on the major objectives of your company in the last month of your business: sales!

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Business Presentation and 3,000 word reflective report

(according to your handbook)

There are two main sections to this assessment:

Section 1 (group work)  40%

  1. A written feasibility study (based on team-blog entries) which clearly articulates a genuine market opportunity for the chosen new product/service (5%)  FINISHED
  2. A group presentation based on written summary business plan (c. 3,000 words) which clearly identifies the operational, marketing and funding requirements for the proposed new venture strategy (15%) FINISHED (if resubmitting, must hand it in by 14 May)
  3. A viva of the group’s activities, incorporating appropriate evidence of company performance, Intellectual Property protection and income generation, with written company report and accounts to the investors (20%)  This is your presentation and report that you hand in when you do your business presentation on 30 April. You must download this form and follow this format:


Section 2 (individual work)  60%

An individual report (c. 3,000 words) comprising two sections:

Section 1:  A critical evaluation of the extent to which the student’s creative and entrepreneurial management behaviours, skills and attributes were developed by the experience of setting-up, running and closing down the enterprise.  This will be based on evidence from individual blog entries throughout the Programme (50%)  THESE ARE YOUR BLOG ENTRIES FROM SEPTEMBER TO APRIL.

Section 2:  An assessment, applying the GROW model, of how these behaviours, skills and attributes will help the student to achieve their longer-term career goals (50%) Think of this as the story of your time in MACE and a description of what you want to do post-MACE, by highlighting your best blog entries that cover the four topics of Goals Reality Obstacles/Options and Way Forward. 3,000 words. Any images must be included in the appendix. 10 citations must also be included. Have fun with this and post it on your blog and print it out.

It is described in the handbook as:

“Produce an individual reflective report (c. 3,000 words) that critically evaluates to what extent the student’s creative and entrepreneurial management behaviours, skills and attributes were developed by the experience of setting-up, running and closing down the enterprise, and assesses (applying the GROW model) how these will help to achieve the student’s career goals on completion of their degree course.”


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Assignment for Next Week

What is going on in this photo?

Found out in Nesta’s New book. This is a must read. Pick your favourite idea out of the 527 listed here:

You will be asked to present your favourite idea next week to the class on your blog. Make sure to link to in your post.



Tip #85.

“Beta testing usually follows prototyping and concept testing and moves testing out to the users’ actual environment for a ‘real-world’ test. The service/product is introduced to a small number of people who are then tasked with trying it out and reporting back any problems to designers and manufacturers.”

By publishing to a large audience in Beta mode, I was able to discover what information visitors found interesting and adapted my website to better suit their needs.

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Friday Afternoon Free


Due to a massive scheduling conflict, this Friday afternoon’s class will be free time for you to work on your essays, businesses, etc after the intensive last few weeks of challenges.

Well done on the progress you’ve made so far. Six weeks left to make your business the success it should be! I will be leaving comments on your blogs about your adverts so you have feedback to improve them, as well as the criteria you will be judged on for your final presentation.

See you at the Trade Fair tomorrow.

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Design Thinking Event, any takers?

On 13 April there is a design thinking expert panel event going on with a major design thinker: Roger Martin. (you may recognise him from your reading list ‘The Opposable Mind’)

The cost is £25 and includes a free book by Roger. It’s being held at the Savoy hotel.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 – LONDON, UK
Rotman School Design Thinking Experts Series
TIMING: 1700-1730 registration; 1730 sharp to 1845 panel discussion/audience Q&A; 1845-2000 cocktails
TOPIC: “Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage”
LUCY KIMBELL, Clark Fellow in Design Leadership, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
PROF. ROGER MARTIN, Dean, Rotman School of Management, U of Toronto; Board Director, Thomson Reuters and Research in Motion and author of 5 books including  “The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage” (Harvard Business, 2009)
MODERATOR: TYLER BRULE, Founder, Winkreative; Editor in Chief and Chairman, Monocle magazine and Columnist, the Financial Times
PLACE: Simpsons-in-the-Strand Restaurant, Savoy Hotel, 100 Strand, London
FEE: £25.00 per person (includes the session, 1 hardcover copy of  “The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage” (Harvard Business, 2009) and cocktails)
CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations received in writing prior to 5:00pm on February 3 will receive a refund less a £10.00 administration fee per person. If we do not receive written notice of your cancellation, you will be charged the full amount for this session. Substitutions are always welcome.
QUESTIONS: or call 416-946-7462

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